How to Mod your $7,500 CAD Mac Pro with a Circular Saw and More [VIDEO]

Mac pro saw

YouTube channel Snazzy Labs’ Quinn Nelson has pimped out his $6,000 USD ($7,500 CAD) Mac Pro by adding extras such as DIY wheels, SATA hard drive case, plus slicing into the computer’s case with a circular saw:

YouTube video

According to Nelson:

In this video, we 3D print some DIY wheels that (a) don’t cost $400, but, (b) have the ability to actually lock in place so your computer doesn’t roll away. Rather than spend $400 on the Pegasus J2i, we built our own cage and soldered a custom cable since it can’t be purchased separately. Then, we added RGB LED into our Mac making it the first PRO GAMER MAC ever and it increased our FPS by over 50%—now we get like 15FPS in most AAA titles. Lastly, we took a FREAKING CIRCULAR SAW to Mac Pro’s chassis to fix our biggest annoyance and design frustration. This video is a fun one. Buckle up!

The circular saw mod is to cut off a part of the tower case, so Nelson can lift up the computer’s shell–without the need to unplug the power cable, every single time. Let us know if you’re going to try this out…

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