Amazon Freebies: Live Global News Channels and Children’s Shows for All Customers

Amazon free for all

Amazon Prime subscribers get perks such as included access to the company’s Prime Video streaming service, but now regular customers can also get content for free as well.

Right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon is offering up live 24/7 news coverage from Global News, free of charge. Five regional channels are available from Global News for free right now, including its national channel, Toronto, B.C., Calgary and Edmonton.

Global news channels

For those with children, Amazon is also offering up a selection of streaming video content for kids, free of charge. You do not need to be a Prime subscriber to access this content. Shows are available in categories for preschool children, ages 6-11 and also ‘kids favourites’ (PEPPA PIG YO!).

Amazon Prime Video has an option for customers to subscribe to Channels. One of these is STACKTV, a multi-channel TV package from Corus, which owns Global.

To access this content, all you need to do is create a free Amazon account—click here to get started.