Zoom Addresses Security Concerns, Improving Password Requirements

Zoom has been under the microscope over the last few weeks. Users and security research firms have become more aware of the holes in Zoom’s online security. With more and more pressure directed at the company, Zoom has issued a new weekly security update to address some of those concerns.

In a blog post, Zoom has revealed that it is enhancing its password requirements and improving the random meeting IDs. For meetings, users and admins can now “configure minimum meeting password requirements to adjust the minimum length and require letters, numbers, and special characters, or allow only numeric passwords.” Zoom mentions that all Basic accounts will have alphanumeric options turned on by default.

Random meeting IDs have been slightly improved. Rather than generating a random nine-digit meeting ID, newly scheduled meetings will now generate an 11-digit ID number. Zoom informs users that their Personal Meeting ID will stay the same.

On top of this, Zoom has updated its Cloud recordings by defaulting to have password protection on for all accounts. The company has also enhanced the complexity of the passwords regarding Cloud recordings.

Finally, users can now hide message previews on Zoom Chat. With this option disabled, desktop chat notifications will only alert users that a new message has been sent to them while not displaying any information.

While Zoom has been taking appropriate steps to combat security flaws in its service, users are likely to continue to be skeptical. Yesterday, a cybersecurity researcher revealed that over 500,000 Zoom accounts were compromised and log-in credentials were being sold on the dark web.

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