MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 to Bring MacBook Battery Health Management Feature

Aimed at helping extend the overall lifespan of your MacBook’s battery by reducing the rate of chemical aging, Apple is going to roll out a new ‘Battery Health Management’ feature in its next macOS Catalina 10.15.5 software update, The Verge is reporting.


According to the source, the feature will be enabled by default after applying the update and will work by not fully charging the battery which puts a strain on it and more rapidly reduce its longevity over time.

The feature is already found in some new smartphones, including the iPhones, which avoid charging all the way to 100% until just before you wake up.

Apple says its Battery Health Management feature for MacBooks will ensure that it doesn’t have a major impact on battery life.

“What that means for your laptop is that in certain cases, seeing 100 percent battery life in your menu bar may not necessarily mean it’s the maximum your battery could charge to. Instead of meaning that it’s charged to 100 percent of what the battery could take, it will now mean it’s charged to 100 percent of what the battery should take to maximize it’s lifespan.”

The feature will apply to any MacBook that supports Thunderbolt 3 i.e. all MacBook Pro models since 2016 and all MacBook Airs since 2018.