CleanMyMac X Download Hits the Mac App Store

Cleanmymac app store

MacPaw, the makers of CleanMyMac X, announced last week it had finally launched in Apple’s Mac App Store.

The debut in the Mac App Store means Mac users can now access CleanMyMac X with an annual subscription, instead of accessing the software through Setapp (money or yearly subscriptions) or MacPaw’s store directly (yearly subscription, one-time purchase).

Why the change now? MacPaw says they started to make CleanMyMac X for Mac after Apple improved the Mac App Store in 2018 and also supported subscriptions, which the software company also started to support in the same year.

The version of CleanMyMac X in the Mac App Store has been tweaked to meet Apple’s guidelines. MacPaw says its Shredder feature is not available in the Mac App Store version of CleanMyMac X. Other modules unavailable: Maintenance, Updater and Photo Junk.

The company’s CEO Oleksandr Kosovan says MacPaw has waited 12 years to bring CleanMyMac X to the Mac App Store and the day has finally arrived.

CleanMyMac X is free to download with a trial in the Mac App Store and costs $49.99 CAD annually afterwards.