Siri Still Unable to Follow Up Commands After the Initial “Hey Siri” Request

As highlighted in a recent post on Reddit, Apple’s Siri voice assistant continues to lag behind the competition with some of the most common and basic functionalities, such as the inability to follow up simple commands after the initial “Hey Siri” request.


Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have been offering this functionality for quite a while, allowing users to continue the conversation after fulfilling the initial request. With Siri, however, users need to summon it every time they want to do something as common and simple as changing a song.

Here’s how a Reddit user is describing his music listening experience using Siri:

What if you don’t like the next song? You have to summon Siri again. But wait a minute, what if you’re not feeling that song either? You have to summon Siri yet again.

It would be much more natural and less robotic if instead of saying “Hey Siri next song” “Hey Siri next song” “Hey Siri next song” you could do the initial summon “Hey Siri next song” and you could follow up with just “Next” or “Next song”.

Something minor but could improve general music control with Siri.

Do you also find yourself always reaching for your iPhone instead of using Siri on your AirPods or HomePod for music controls?

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