Apple Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Apple global accessibility awareness day

Apple is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) today, dedicating a section of its website towards detailing its accessibility features.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May, to bring digital awareness and inclusion for those with impairments and disabilities.

Apple’s Accessibility page details, “Taking a family portrait. Catching up over FaceTime. Raising the blinds to let in the morning light. We want everyone to enjoy the everyday moments that technology helps make possible, so we work to make every Apple product accessible from the very start. Because the true value of a device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers you.”

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, said this morning, “This year’s #GAAD comes at a time when ensuring everyone has the tools they need to stay connected has never been more important. Accessibility is our collective responsibility. Apple is committed to making products and services that enable, empower and inspire every person.”

The Apple Support YouTube channel has been uploading various accessibility feature tutorials over the past couple of weeks leading up to GAAD. You can check out some of the latest videos below:

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How to add accessibility features to Control Center on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

You can visit Apple’s Accessibility Support page here to learn more about how to enable various features on Apple devices.