New Plex Feature Lets You Watch Together & Chill with Friends

Popular media server Plex has just announced the launch of an experimental new feature called Watch Together, which lets you enjoy your favourite movie or tv show together with your friends on Plex. The feature keeps playback in sync for everyone while anyone can play, pause, or seek around during the session.

Watch together resume devices scaled

Watch Together, which is currently in beta, is supported on iOS, tvOS, Android mobile and TV platforms, FireTV, and Roku.

The feature works with all free on-demand Plex content as well as titles from personal media libraries, allowing your whole family to re-watch old videos of your kids playing sports ball even though your parents are thousands of miles away.

Binge on one of our free streaming TV shows (Mary Berryanyone?) with your friends across town. It’s never been easier. For this first iteration, choose your favorite non-Plex app to chat—video, audio, or text—to hang out while you watch. Pausing the movie on one device will pause it for everyone so that we all stay in sync and no one misses a beat.

The feature will be free to every Plex user while it remains in official beta. You can find usage instructions for Watch Together at this link.