Global Downloads of Health and Fitness Apps Surge 47% in Q2 2020

Marking the largest year-over-year increase ever for Q2, the global downloads of Health and Fitness category apps are already up a record 47% in 2020 amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, surpassing 656 million with a month still remaining in the quarter, Sensor Tower is reporting.

Global health and fitness app installs by quarter

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates, the revenue growth Y/Y for the current quarter stands at close to 13%, with the Health and Fitness category generating $328.5 million so far. 

In the past, January has consistently been the top month for Health and Fitness app downloads in any given year, but 2020 has changed this trend. Following a typical month-over-month decline in installs during February, March and April went on to represent record months.

One fitness app that has seen a particularly sharp rise in downloads and user spending so far in 2020 is Strava. Installs grew to a record 3.4 million in May, up 179.2 percent from January, and 9.8 percent from April. Revenue, meanwhile, increased by 166 percent from January to $6.4 million and 98.7 percent from April.

The surge in downloads and revenue for Health and Fitness apps in 2020 is yet another example of consumers increasingly turning to their mobile devices to keep up with their daily routines.