Apple Implementing COVID-19 Prevention Methods as Staff Return to Work

Apple employees are preparing to return to the Apple Park and Infinite Loop campuses. To ensure the safety and health of its staff, Apple will be implementing a number of COVID-19 prevention methods.

As reported by Bloomberg, day-to-day operations will run a bit differently as employees gradually return to their offices. Employees entering the campuses will be offered to take a nasal swab test. However, mandatory temperature checks will become the norm to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Apple has closed many of the break room kitchens. Signs have been posted asking employees to wear masks in the common areas. Layout changes within the open floor work areas will be conducted, once again to maintain social distancing. Elevators, which can typically hold 10 people, will be limited to only housing three as they travel between floors.

As many can imagine, Apple campuses are usually bustling with employees and other workers. Though, to maintain proper social distancing practices, some employees are being asked to continue working from home. Hardware and software engineers have begun working from the Apple offices in May. Some employees have been asked to only work from the office only a few days of the week.

In May, Apple’s head of retail and people Deirdre O’Brien said that Apple will be bringing staff back to the offices in phases. This appears to be in line with Apple’s first phase as employees who are unable to complete their tasks from home or are facing challenges can now return to the office.

The second phase, which is scheduled for July will see senior staff returning. Of course, plans such as these are likely flexible and can change given updates to the global climate.