Telus Health Can Now Virtually Monitor Lung Transplant Patients Recovering at Home

Announcing the expansion of its Home Health Monitoring (HHM) solution, Telus Health has today revealed that its remote monitoring technology can now be used to digitally monitor the recovery of lung transplant patients in their own homes by enabling virtual healthcare teams to provide medical support remotely.


Launched  in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and eHealth Saskatchewan, the digital health dashboard gives clinicians the ability to review crucial patient data in real-time, allowing them to identify any urgent care needs and mitigate risks such as possible infection, incision issues, or neurocognitive impairment.

“We are excited to be developing a virtual care strategy to enable Saskatchewan residents to receive timely, quality care at home,” said Dr. Vern Behl, Senior Medical Information Officer, Saskatchewan Health Authority. “Home health monitoring allows patients to be active participants in their care, helping to ensure better outcomes.

“As healthcare needs become increasingly complex, and COVID-19 continues to complicate various aspects of patient care, we are committed to helping Saskatchewan’s healthcare leaders to continue to deliver quality care to the people of Saskatchewan who need it the most by leveraging our innovative technology,” said Luc Vilandré, president, Telus Health.

The Telus Health HHM solution and lung transplant monitoring program is estimated to support 60 to 70 Saskatchewanians for the lifetime of their transplant.