Nike Run Club Apple Watch App No Longer Requires Your iPhone

Nike run club apple watch

The Nike Run Club app for Apple Watch has no gained a standalone experience that no longer requires your iPhone, explains the latest update.

“A standalone experience. Enjoy all the Apple Watch features without your phone,” explains Nike.

The Nike Run Club app launched back in October 2016, to coincide with the launch of Apple Watch Nike+ models. The Nike Run Club app can track and store your runs, along with audio-guided runs with Nike coaches and athletes available and personalized coaching plans.

The app has trophies and gadgets to celebrate your achievements and also leaderboards to let you compete against your friends. All data from Nike Run Club syncs with Apple Health.

With watchOS 6, Apple launched the App Store directly on Apple Watch. This meant users could download apps right from their wrist without an iPhone, especially for those with cellular models and a data connection.

Some other Apple Watch apps from developers require you to complete setup on your iPhone, before apps can get started on your wrist. This may include asking for permission to sync data to Apple Health and more. This no longer is the case for Nike Run Club as the app asks you directly on Apple Watch.

Click here to download Nike Run Club in the App Store.