Fido Offering 5GB Free Monthly Data for Select Accounts

Rogers-owned Fido is offering up free data again for select accounts, with the latest freebie being a 5GB monthly offering.

According to RFD, logging into your Fido My Account online may bring a pop-up that shows 5GB of free monthly data—added automatically.

“I noticed Fido offering 5GB extra per month for free on existing account,” explains user ‘Rogues2017’, located in Ontario.

“I have 2 lines with them. One BYOD and other on contract ending in a couple of months from now. The BYOD was already on 15 GB for $60 and contract plan was 8GB for $60. So now I got 20 GB on the first and 13 GB on latter. The extra GB data is applied instantly to the account. Hope this helps someone who is with Fido,” added the user.

Numerous other users on RFD also confirmed they received the 5GB bonus data. Some were also able to get the bonus data by calling in and discussing with a phone agent. This is definitely one of those ‘your mileage may vary’ offers.

Earlier this week, other promo offers from Fido for select users included a variety of unlisted promo plans, such as a $60/15GB plan and more.

Let us know if you are seeing this 5GB bonus data offer within your Fido My Account.