Fido Offering Promo Plans Such as $60/15GB and More within My Account

If you’re a customer of Rogers-owned Fido, you may want to check your My Account section online, as there appear to be some targeted promo plans being offered right now.

Some of the following plans being offered include the following, according to RFD:

  • $55/10GB (normally $75 on
  • $60/15GB
  • $65/20GB
  • $75/30GB
  • $90/30GB
  • $95/30GB only offers up to 10GB data plans, so these promo offers will provide more data than what’s publicly available.

Fido targeted offer myaccount

Image via RFD

These plans include unlimited Canada-wide minutes and international SMS/MMS.

To see if you have some of these targeted promo plans above, log into your My Account online and head over to “See More Plan Offers” and these should show up if your account is being targeted. The website will say, “Special exclusive offers for ____” and add, “thanks for being a loyal Fido customer. Pick any of these offers, or enjoy them all!”

Back in June, Fido offered its customers a free 5GB data bonus within their My Account.

Let us know if you’re seeing any targeted offers from Fido right now online.