Bell ‘Winback’ Offer: $55/20GB BYOD Plan to Lure You Back to the Company

Bell winback $55 20gb

When you leave your wireless carrier, chances are they’ll reach out again with a sweetheart deal to lure you back to the company, in what are dubbed ‘winback’ offers.

The latest ‘winback’ offer from Bell is in the form of a $55 per month plan with 20GB of data, to go with unlimited Canada-wide talk and texting.

An iPhone in Canada reader detailed the information received in an email, to go with a second plan of $65 with 20GB ‘unlimited’ data (throttled to 512 Kbps once your original bucket is exhausted) that was also offered. These offers were shown at the bottom of promotional emails sent to customers, so it may be easy to miss.

“Here’s your exclusive promo code ____ to redeem this exclusive offer,” reads the Bell email. “Please have this email on hand when you contact us,” it adds.

Bell’s website currently offers an ‘unlimited’ 20GB data plan for $75 per month, so you’re saving slightly on the unlimited offer above. But the $55/20GB BYOD plan is not bad compared to what’s regularly available on carrier websites right now.

Thanks Noah