Broadcom’s Latest Statement Hints at Possible ‘iPhone 12’ Launch Delay

Apple chip supplier Broadcom has said in a statement that a ramp-up of its annual chip shipments would be “later this year than most,” signalling a possible delay in the launch of this year’s ‘iPhone 12’ lineup, Reuters is reporting.


The chip maker’s ramp-up of chip shipments, believed to be for the new iPhones, will run into the final quarter of the calendar year, which suggests that the iPhone 12 will probably arrive after the usual late September launch date.

Amid the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, most analysts have already pushed out their expected launch date of this year’s much-anticipated 5G-enabled iPhones to October.

In June, Broadcom had warned that revenues for its just-ended quarter would be below expectations because of a delayed phone launch from “our large North American mobile phone customer” that analysts believe is Apple.

Broadcom, meanwhile, forecasts current fourth-quarter revenue above Wall Street estimates on Thursday, encouraged by the upcoming 5G phone launches and strong demand for its data-center chips from the growing remote work market.

Apple has not issued any response to Broadcom’s statement.