Fido Still Offering 10GB Free Data to Select Customers, Check Your Account

Back in late August, Rogers-owned Fido was offering select customers 10GB of free data. Fast forward over two weeks later, and the free data offer is still showing up in select customer accounts.

If you login to your Fido app or check your My Account online, a 10GB free data offer appears within the Messages tab.

Fido free 10gb

Image via RFD

The offer reads, “it’s true that the best things in life are free—especially when you’re talking about data! We will add 10GB of data per month to your current plan. No added cost, no new contract, no kidding. And enjoy your data on the network that is better than ever and covers 97% of Canadians.”

The action required says, “just sign in to your Fido My Account and accept the offer before September 15, 2020, and the data will be added to your current plan.” Again, this free data offer is not automatic and users need to accept it.

The Fido customer who received this on RFD is based in B.C. and is currently on a $40/2GB plan. The user noted out of three lines, only two lines received the 10GB free data offer.

One other user noted they did receive a free data offer, but only in the form of 2GB.

Again, it may be worth checking your account for free data offers if you’re with Fido. Let us know what offers you’ve received in the comments.