Google Wifi and Nest Wifi to Get New Device Notifications, Network Improvements

Google wifi

Google has announced some changes for its Google Wifi and Nest Wifi mesh Wi-Fi solutions.

For starters, all Google Wifi and Nest Wifi systems will soon be able to get notifications when new devices join networks.

“With new device notifications, you’ll get an alert in the Google Home app whenever a new device joins your network,” explained Pushkar Sharma, Product Manager, Google Nest.

“And, we’re reducing network delays and improving network performance to help you avoid congestion when multiple devices are online. We’re also continuing to improve your connection even if your Internet service provider’s network is slow,” added Sharma.

These changes are due to the fact so many people worked or studied from home during COVID-19 lockdowns earlier this spring, so Google wanted to improve the performance of its mesh Wi-Fi systems.

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Google also announced its Google Wifi has dropped in price in the United States, down to $199 USD (about $265 CAD) for a 3-pack or $99 USD for a 1-pack.

Google Wifi is not listed on Google’s online store in Canada. However, Staples is selling a 3-pack for $369.97, savings of $70 off. It’s unclear if these reduced prices are coming here but we will update this post, accordingly, after hearing back from Google.