PopSockets to Support iPhone 12 Lineup’s MagSafe Tech

The iPhone 12 lineup’s MagSafe technology will make it even easier to switch out PopSocket accessories.


TechCrunch has confirmed that PopSockets will support the iPhone 12 lineup’s MagSafe tech, letting users simply pop on and off the ubiquitous accessories without adhesive. The fun accessory makes it easier to hold and use your smartphone, also adding a splash of personality.

MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary magnetic charging system, and one of the newly highlighted features of the iPhone 12, as it allows for wireless charging and easy-to-attach cases. As the name suggests, MagSafe accessories attach to your iPhone magnetically, ensuring exact placement and easy removal every time.

Before, users were able to remove and replace PopSockets, but their adhesive would eventually wear off, rending the accessory unusable. Using MagSafe, PopSockets can now create a magnetic version of its namesake accessory, which can be attached and detached without damaging your phone or causing the sticky adherent to deteriorate.

TechCrunch explains how this might work:

However, a line of MagSafe-compatible PopSockets line would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about the product’s stickiness wearing off. As a result, users might be induced to buy more of these iPhone dongles — perhaps even accumulating a collection they can swap out at will, to match their outfits or mood.

It also means that users could forgo having to use a case with their iPhone — as iPhone 11 owners currently have to — in order to take advantage of PopSockets Grips.

PopSockets says it has MagSafe products in development, but isn’t announcing details at this time.

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