iPhone 12 Camera Beats Out Samsung S20 FE, Google Pixel 5 in ‘Unbiased’ Comparison

The iPhone 12 camera goes up against the Samsung S20 FE and the Google Pixel 5 in a new, “unbiased” comparison.

YouTuber Max Tech set up a series of the same shots, taken by all three different phones, and set them up next to one another without labeling which photo is which. Two people then looked at the series of photographs and checked off which photos they preferred, without knowing which phone took which photo:

I (Max) took all three of these phones and took a BUNCH of photos with each of them and I put them all together in a video timeline. Vadim & Angelika have never seen any of these photos, so they have no idea which photo was taken by which smartphone, so that makes this the MOST UNBIASED camera comparison possible! I took shots with every single lens from the selfie camera, to the main wide shooter, the ultrawide lens and some zoom shots as well. I also tested Portrait shots, Night Mode shots and even Night Mode portrait shots to see which mid-range smartphone camera is the BEST in 2020.

One of the YouTubers rated chose 11 iPhone 12 photos as the best, 8 S20 FE photos, and 4 Pixel 5 photos. The other YouTuber chose 10 iPhone 12 photos, 8 S20 FE photos, and 5 Pixel 5 photos.

YouTube video

“Overall, the iPhone 12 is the killer in this test, beating out the other phones, especially beating out the Pixel 5,” they noted in the video.

The iPhone 12 caters to the higher-end needs of even pro photographers. Apple already added an ultrawide lens on last year’s iPhone 11, and the 12 Pro includes both the ultrawide angle and a telephoto camera.

Meanwhile, Apple tackled the low-light problem with hardware upgrades — a new lens with an aperture of f1.6 and a new larger sensor, which Apple says offers 27 percent improvement in low-light situations. Apple also added Night Mode to both its ultrawide and selfie cameras.

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