App Store Family Sharing for In-App Purchases and Subscriptions Now Available

iPhone and iPad users can now begin sharing in-app purchases and subscriptions through Apple’s Family Sharing within the App Store as apart of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.

During WWDC, Apple announced that it would be enabling users to share in-app purchases and app subscriptions through the Family Sharing setting. Now, according to MacRumors, the option has been made available to the public as long as their devices are running iOS 14.2.

Venturing into the App Store settings page, users can navigate to the ‘Subscription’ menu. There, a newly added option called ‘Share New Subscriptions’ can be found. It appears as though the toggle to automatically share “eligible subscriptions” is turned on automatically.

Previously, if one user within a “family” purchased an app with in-app purchases, there was no option to share those benefits amongst the other members within the family network.

Although the option to share in-app purchases and subscriptions is made available to all users. Not all apps will support this feature. As developer Steve Harris brought up on Twitter, developers of individual apps must manually enable Family Sharing within Apple Connect.

In the case of digital notebook and organizer app Keep It Mobile, the developers have turned on the Family Sharing feature and users can now begin sharing the app’s subscription amongst those in their “family”.