Stadia Will Finally Enable Users to Directly Livestream to YouTube Starting Today

More than a year out from its initial release, Stadia appears to be following through on its promise to enable users to livestream directly to YouTube. During its initial reveal, Google stated that its cloud-based gaming platform was created with the intention of having deep integration with YouTube.

Google Stadia was envisioned to allow users to be able to click a YouTube ad for a specific game and instantly begin playing the said title. Google also said that users could livestream directly to YouTube while playing a game on Stadia. Additionally, content creators would be able to invite viewers to join their games directing from the livestream. Each of these core features was announced during Google’s Stadia reveal showcase at GDC in March 2019. However, the company has remained silent on when these features would be accessible.

That is until recently. 9to5Google has reported that they’ve now seen the option to livestream from their Stadia account. As of the time of writing, the option appears to not be available to every user. Looking into my personal account, for instance, the option to ‘Stream directly to YouTube’ is inaccessible and says that the feature is “Coming soon”. Though, a Google Stadia representative confirmed to The Verge that every Stadia user will be able to start livestreaming at some point today.

Source: 9to5Google

Based on reports, users will have the option to title their livestream directly through Stadia. Of course, like all livestreaming services, users can change the settings to notify viewers if the livestream will be appropriate for children or not. Other features such as Crowd Choice and Crowd Play can also be turned on. Though, 9to5Google has stated that Crowd Play may not be accessible to all users.

The timing of this feature comes at a very optimal time. Where Stadia is still struggling to find a mainstream audience, users will finally be able to begin livestreaming the same week Cyberpunk 2077 release. CD Projekt Red’s latest game is one of the most anticipated games in recent times. Cyberpunk 2077 will be launch on December 10th on Stadia, meaning Stadia users can begin livestreaming to YouTube on launch day for their audiences.