Some AirPods Max Deemed ‘Hazardous Materials’ by UPS, Get Sent Back to Apple [Update]

Ahead of reaching final destinations, some AirPods Max orders in Canada are being returned to Apple by UPS.

According to iPhone in Canada readers, some are seeing their AirPods Max orders get a ‘hazardous materials’ status update, only to note the package would then be returned to sender.

“A hazardous materials irregularity occurred with this package. We’ll contact sender with additional information./ The package will be returned to sender.”

Ups hazardous airpods max

This status update was made on Wednesday afternoon according to iPhone in Canada reader Robert. His package later was updated to “returned to sender,” after making it to Ontario, California, with the return address set for Rialto.

Airpods max return to sender

Another iPhone in Canada reader, Gary (fanatic name btw), based in Calgary, said “Not sure if you’ve heard anybody else in Canada have this happen to them. I purchased a pair of AirPods Max the day they came out, Apple shipped them via UPS, and now halfway through shipping, UPS are returning them to Apple, because they contain (and this is UPS’s words) “hazardous materials.””

According to others on the web, the status update of ‘hazardous materials’ could be related to the lack of battery labeling on the package, or something to do with a battery. It’s unclear what the issue is with these AirPods Max orders, and if the return to sender update was initiated by UPS or Apple.

With AirPods Max already sold out and delivering in 12-14 weeks, getting a replacement pair might be difficult, if supply constraints are indeed as they appear on the surface.

Where are your AirPods Max right now? Did they get returned to sender?

Update Dec. 16: Looks like one of these packages did not face a return and is now proceeding as normal.