Google WiFi 3-Pack Hits All-Time Low on Amazon at $234, Save $149

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The original Google Wifi from 2016 has hit an all-time low on today, down to $234.55 for a 3-pack. Originally, it was priced at $383 back in December, so you’re saving over $100 off.

This Google mesh Wi-Fi system intelligently handles your home’s wireless internet, with a single point offering coverage for 1,500 square feet (and each point has an ethernet port). You can control internet for each device in your household and it integrates with your Google Account, while everything is managed with the Google Wifi app.

The newer Google Nest Wifi is more expensive and doesn’t offer game-changing upgrades over the original Google Wifi. The Google Wifi looks to be on clearance as other retailers and Google do not even sell it anymore.

Click here to jump on the Google Wifi 3-pack while it’s still available.