You Can Now Have a ‘Completely Usable’ Version of Linux on M1 Macs

The folks over at the research firm Corellium have just rolled out a “completely usable” port of Linux for Apple’s M1-based Macs. Corellium CTO Chris Wade made the announcement on Twitter earlier today while releasing the port on GitHub for download.

According to Wade, the Linux version is a full Ubuntu desktop operating system booted from a USB. Network compatibility is possible through a USB-C dongle, whereas the current update to the platform will support USB, I2C, and DART.

“We will push changes to our GitHub and a tutorial later today. Thanks to the @CorelliumHQ team,” he added. Wade, however, noted that while the port can take full advantage of the M1 CPU, it won’t support GPU acceleration.

Corellium is a software virtualization firm focused on emulating ARM-based technologies, and is also known for its legal battle with Apple.