Canada’s Lion Electric to Supply 60 Zero-Emission School Buses

According to a report by Tesla North, Quebec-based EV company Lion Electric has signed a deal with transportation firm Autobus Groupe Séguin to supply 60 zero-emission, electric school buses.


The report notes that Lion will supply the first 10 buses throughout 2021, to be used for the 2021-2022 school year. Once the trial has been completed, Lion will go on to deliver the remaining 50 buses through 2026. 

“We are happy to continue the pioneering tradition established at Autobus Séguin by participating in this current wind of change,” said Autobus Groupe Séguin’s Stéphanie Boisvert in a statement.

“Lion Electric, which will assist us in the transition and integration of these new buses, is an ideal partner for the success of this project. Ultimately, our ambition is to electrify our entire fleet of more than 310 school buses by 2030,” Boisvert added.

In a separate deal with Amazon, Lion Electric has agreed to supply 2,500 electric trucks adding to the company’s growing fleet of all-electric delivery vans.