Fido Offering 5GB/month Free Data to Select Customers Again

Fido right now has a “special exclusive offer” available for select customers, in the form of 5GB/month free data.

A text message was sent out to eligible accounts today according to RFD. The message reads, “A gift for you. What could it be? Get 5GB per month of bonus data at no extra cost.”

Fido free 5GB

Customers are told to sign into their Fido accounts online by January 30, 2021, to accept the free 5GB data offer. Once signed in, the offer says “we think you deserve more so we’re giving you more data for free!”.

“No added cost, no new contract, no kidding,” explains the text message, which is only available for the intended recipient.

The 5GB offer may be a way for Fido to keep customers around, and not switch to another wireless carrier.

Let us know if you received this 5GB/month free data offer from Fido. Even if you didn’t get the text message, it might be worth checking your account online.

Back in October 2020, Fido similarly offered a 5GB/month free data bonus offer.