Iristel Exceeds 15 Million Phone Numbers in Canada

Toronto-based Iristel has announced it has now exceeded 15 million phone numbers in Canada.

The company says it is “offering Canadians choice and strong competition to the telecom oligopolists.”

“As a wholesaler, our brand may not be as well known as other phone companies, but our cloud communications and fully redundant platform for voice, messaging and emergency services are best-of-breed,” said Samer Bishay, Iristel President and CEO, in a statement.

Iristel offers an all-IP network that it says reaches over 97% of the Canadian population, along with covering the remote Far North. Iristel says it has over 2,500 rate centres across the country.

“We provide the connectivity fabric on most calls that every Canadian experiences on a daily basis,” continued Bishay. “Vaulting past 15 million numbers is a milestone and strong telecom competition means more benefit for Canadians. We’re powering businesses and empowering people.”

Iristel began as a VoIP network 22 years ago and since then, Bishay says it has “evolved into one of the most advanced communications networks in Canada that is relied upon by businesses, Tier 1 carriers and millions of Canadians for things like 911 emergency calls, industrial Internet of Things, machine-to-machine, gaming on mobile devices, and a lot more.”