The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the Most Popular 5G Smartphone in the US

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has won the title of the most popular 5G phone in 49 of 50 states in the US.

Apple wasn’t the first company to release a 5G phone, but, as if often the case for the Cupertino company, its entry into the field may just be the most popular.

According to PCMag, citing data from parent company Ookla and research firm M Science, the title was given based on sales tracking and data from the internet until January 23.

The report notes that the two companies use different data to draw their conclusions. Ookla analyzes Speedtest app data on customers’ phones, while M Science looks at sales data in the United States. However, both agree that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the top-selling 5G phone in 49 states.

They also say that another iPhone 12 model is the second most popular, although they disagree over whether this is the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro. They also agree that the iPhone 12 mini is the least popular of Apple’s collection of new iPhones.

The only serious competitor to Apple when it comes to 5G sales (albeit not close enough to challenge for the top spots) is Samsung, with its S20 and Note 20 lineups following Apple’s smartphones in the listings.