Researcher Recommends LastPass Users to Switch to Another Password Manager

According to a report by The Register, security researcher Mike Kuketz has strongly advised users against using LastPass as their password manager after discovering at least seven trackers in the Android version of the app (via The Verge).


“If you actually use LastPass, I recommend changing the password manager,” Kuketz said. “There are solutions that do not permanently send data to third parties and record user behavior,” the researcher continued.

In response, a spokesperson from LastPass has said that the company uses trackers to gather limited data “about how LastPass is used” to help it “improve and optimize the product.”

LastPass’s trackers include four from Google which handle analytics and crash reporting, as well as one from a company called Segment, which reportedly gathers data for marketing teams.

LastPass isn’t the only password manager to include trackers like this, but it appears to have more than many popular competitors. Free alternative Bitwarden has just two according to Exodus Privacy, while RoboForm and Dashlane have four.

Turns out, our favourite 1Password is the only password manager found to have zero trackers, which is why we strongly recommend everyone to make the switch right away.

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