Joe Rogan Podcast Guest Struggles for 8 Minutes to Send Picture from Samsung to iPhone [VIDEO]

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have a long history of abysmal cross-platform compatibility in everyday use, especially when it comes to file sharing.

In the latest episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan and professional mixed martial artist Dustin Poirier and UFC Lightweight Champion showcase just how hard it is to share images between an Android device and an iPhone.

It takes nearly 8 minutes to text a couple of images from Dustin’s Samsung phone to Joe’s iPhone, as can be seen in the clip below. Poirier struggles to figure it out, saying his Samsung phone won’t let him send the image to Rogan’s phone, noting how he can’t send a photo to a number that is not in his contact list:

Granted, the whole process would have gone much smoother (and the loss of image quality when texting images from an Android device to an iPhone would have been avoided) if Dustin had simply emailed the images to Joe instead.

However, sharing images between two phones shouldn’t be that complicated, should it? With Apple’s AirDrop feature, sharing images between iPhones is a breeze. With Google’s Nearby Share feature, so is sharing images between two Android devices.

You only start seeing problems when you have an Android device on one end, and an iPhone on the other. While the two mobile platforms exist within the same ecosystem, the divide between them is never more apparent than when you try making them talk to each other.

Joe ends up writing his phone number down on paper, and asks Dustin to text him or call him.

Dustin also says how when he sends images from his Samsung to his wife’s iPhone, the image quality is degraded, but not vice versa. Joe replies that’s because of AirDrop and iMessage, which isn’t exactly an answer.

“This is the worst Samsung advertisement of all time,” added Rogan, during the frustration of the situation.

Joe takes this opportunity to tout the simplicity and straightforwardness of Apple’s approach to file sharing–he instantly AirDrops the images received to his producer Jamie’s iPhone in seconds.

“You send me the picture and it took about 10 minutes, and then bam, Jamies gets the picture”, concluded Rogan.