Metrolinx to Debut Apple Pay and Other Contactless Presto Payments

Presto customers rejoice, Metrolinx will be introducing new contactless payment options. This highly requested feature will slowly roll out to all transit agencies, with the UP Express being the first.

Metrolinx will be kickstarting the pilot program for contactless payment today, March 11th, as reported by CityNews Toronto.

Presto customers will now be able to use their credit card, phone, or mobile wallet to pay for their trip on the UP Express. Just as the same as a Presto card, customers can tap their credit card or phone on the Presto reader to pay for their trip. When the trip is complete, customers can simply use that same payment option to tap off.

In a statement, a Metrolinx representative said:

“For the same price as the PRESTO adult fare, UP Express customers can now tap on a PRESTO device with their credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) or their phone or watch with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. There’s no need to preload funds or purchase a ticket before travel.”

In addition to credit card payments, Metrolinx will be piloting the use of Interac debit payments on the UP Express. Once the pilot program begins, Metrolinx will be the first transit agency in Canada to provide Interac debit as an option, including Vancouver’s TransLink.

Once the UP Express pilot program is deemed successful, Metrolinx will be looking to expand its contactless payment option to other transit agencies. This will include the TTC. However, like any advancement to Toronto’s core transit system, a timeline has yet to be properly established.

When speaking to CityNews Toronto, a Metrolinx representative said the company is “working with the TTC to determine the potential timelines for this work”. In order to transition to contactless payment, all TTC devices will require an upgrade, which will take time.