Bell to Expand High Speed Internet to Nearly 31,000 Homes in Rural Quebec

Bell and the province of Quebec and the government of Canada will be expanding high speed fibre internet to rural areas of Quebec, as part of “Operation High Speed” announced on Monday.

The expansion will see 30,908 homes and businesses get high speed internet in close to 100 communities in Quebec.

“Bell applauds this government commitment to connecting all Quebecers, with this cooperation between Québec and the federal government representing a clear and practical example of the leadership needed to accelerate broadband connectivity for everyone,” said Karine Moses, Bell’s Vice Chair, Québec, in a statement.

Last week, Bell also announced it would expand access to its pole infrastructure to other companies, such as Videotron, part of the former’s goal of deploying high speed internet to everyone in Quebec by September 2022.

Similar announcements in Quebec were made today by Telus and Xplornet and Videotron.

Recently, a Bell rural internet customer was told by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk its Starlink satellite internet would be “coming soon”. Starlink internet satellite is now available for sign up and Canadians using the service have been impressed by its download speeds and ease of use and setup.