Nomad Debuts ‘MagSafe Mount’ for Apple MagSafe Charger

Nomad announced the launch of their all-new MagSafe Mount on Tuesday, an accessory designed to provide your MagSafe Charger with a secure foundation from which you can easily charge your supported Apple devices.

Mount 2

The Mount’s solid stainless steel body anchors your MagSafe Charger to your desk, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits of a MagSafe Charger without the hassle of needing to manually remove the charger.

Offering a sophisticated design and a painted satin finish, the MagSafe Mount is sure to look great in any desk setup.

Mount 1

Mount 3

The MagSafe Mount also ships with micro-suction tape to firmly hold your MagSafe Charger in place while allowing you to easily remove it for travel.

After going hands-on with the MagSafe Mount from Nomad, it is indeed quite hefty. This thing isn’t going anywhere. The only concern we’d have is a naked iPhone touching the painted metal top surface and possibly getting scratched.

YouTube video

You can order the Nomad MagSafe Mount online for $49.95 USD.