There’s Now a Washing Machine for Apple AirPods on Kickstarter

Image: “Cardlax” on YouTube

We’ve all seen our pearly white wireless earbuds acquire a more yellow-brown tint over time with use, and cleaning them with their tiny little crevices can be so much of a drag that most of us never get to it.

According to Gizmodo, a company called Cardlax has the solution — a tiny washing machine for our earbuds!

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The Cardlax Earbuds Washer is a Kickstarter product that’s currently seeking crowdfunding to go into production, and the manufacturer already has a successful Kickstarter product under its belt.

Image: “Cardlax” on YouTube

From Apple’s AirPods to Samsung’s Buds and everything in between, the Cardlax Earbuds Washer is compatible with any and all wireless earbuds. The device also claims to provide a thorough, safe cleaning without the possibility of any damage to your pair of wireless earbuds.

The device looks to be powered via USB-C and there are two stages to cleaning your earbuds with the Cardlax Earbuds Washer. Most of the larger debris is first cleaned away using a soft rotating brush.

Next, 70% alcohol is added to the ‘drum’ of the machine, the earbuds are placed inside, and the machine is turned on. The drum is made of the same soft material that’s used to make makeup sponges, and rubbing against the alcohol-misted foam walls as well as the foam fins inside gives the earbuds a thorough clean and does away with finger debris.

The machine itself can be easily deconstructed and rinsed under water to clean it. Washing machines collect lint, and the Cardlax Earbuds Washer is supposed to collect earwax, so rinsing it often is definitely the way to go.

You can get your hands on a Cardlax Earbuds Washer by backing the project on Kickstarter for $33 USD. Shipping is currently expected to begin sometime in June, and the project has already raised over $63,000 USD (of a $5,000 USD goal) on the crowdfunding platform.

Be wary that some Kickstarter projects may take time to come to fruition, as prototypes are easy, but production is hard.

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