Koodo Offering Free 10GB Monthly Bonus Data to ‘Loyal’ Customers

Koodo 10gb bonus

Telus flanker brand Koodo is offering up a freebie for select customers, offering a 10GB monthly bonus data offer.

The offer was sent via text message and reads, “thank you for being a loyal Koodo customer. To show our appreciation, we added 10GB of bonus monthly data to your account! (Sshhh…don’t tell our boss)”.

Koodo says customers will receive an email on more details and a rep will call in a the next two weeks. As for the catch? Koodo says customers need to remain on their current plan, or the bonus disappears.

According to RFD, those that received the promo text were on Koodo’s $55/10GB plan, but the bonus makes it $55/20GB, which is a decent plan. Others were on a $60/10GB plan, which then became $60/20GB. Overall, this text message bonus wasn’t sent out to that many people, based on responses on RFD.

“Thank you for Choosing Happy!”, ends the text message.

Did you get this 10GB bonus from Koodo?