Apple Rolls Out New Features for its Developer Forums

The Apple Developer Forums are a great place to post questions, exchange knowledge, and connect with Apple engineers, and today, the company has announced a set of new features to make it easier to keep track of activity, post replies, and more.

Developer forums

Anyone can view the forums. To post, sign in with your Apple ID. If you have a developer account, sign in with the Apple ID associated with that account.

Starting today, the following new features are being added to the Apple Developer Forums:

  • Post comments on questions or answers to provide context or ask for clarification.
  • Search for content across multiple tags.
  • Add and manage favorite tags.
  • Upload images to your question or answer to provide supporting visual details.
  • See tag descriptions when choosing tags for your question so you can quickly select the most appropriate ones.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for tags you’re interested in.
  • See your authored and watched content, favourite tags, and trending tags on the newly designed home page.