Best New Features of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey

Apple previewed the latest versions of its iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems during the annual WWDC event earlier this week. However, some of the best new features were left out of the keynote, a selection of which has been listed below (via The Verge).

New features

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

  • More Memoji options with new outfits and accessibility options
  • FaceTime will let you know when you’re muted but trying to talk.
  • FaceTime will also let you zoom with the back camera so you can finally show people things across the room without standing up.
  • The Announce Messages feature found in AirPods is coming to CarPlay, so your phone can automatically read texts out loud while you’re driving.
  • Wary iPhone users will be able to put off upgrading to iOS 15 but still get security updates.
  • Find My will be able to track your iPhone when it’s off (or even after it’s been factory reset). It’s currently unclear what phones will support this feature.
  • There’s an improved print dialog with more options.
  • Spotlight will be accessible from the lock screen and Notification Center.
  • You’ll be able to drag and drop files across apps on iPhone.

macOS Monterey

  • The ability to use your Memoji as your user profile picture
  • A software microphone indicator light in the menu to show when an application is listening to you
  • A better file copy interface, with the ability to pause and resume transfers
  • The easy ability to erase user data, settings, and apps without re-installing the OS (great for if you’re selling your Mac)
  • The ability to manage your saved passwords in System Preferences. You can also import them from other password managers or export them.
  • You can customize the mouse cursor’s outline and fill color.
  • Windows will resize when you move them to another monitor.
  • Shortcuts will let you integrate shell commands.
  • An improved Go To Folder dialog in Finder