Amazon’s Cashier-Less Grocery Checkout Coming to Amazon Fresh Location in Seattle

Amazon’s automated grocery store is opening this week with cashier-less checkout.


A new press release explains that, starting this week, Amazon Fresh customers in Bellevue, Washington, will have the option to pay in-store or skip the checkouts at a new full-size supermarket. Whether you’re doing the weekly shop or grabbing a pastry on the go, the supermarket makes it easy to bypass the register via “Just Walk Out” technology.

Using a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning, Just Walk Out “adds convenience to customers’ grocery shopping experience by giving them the option to come in, pick up what they want, and skip the checkout when they’re done,” Amazon says.

To take advantage of the Just Walk Out option, shoppers can either scan a code that appears in the Amazon app, float their palm over one of the store’s biometric palm scanners or insert their Amazon account-linked credit or debit card. The store will then use ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors, among other technologies powered by Amazon Web Services, to update shoppers’ virtual carts as they add and remove items from their physical carts.

“The feedback has been fantastic, with customers noting that skipping the checkout allows them to save time and reduce contact in stores,” Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retail and technology at Amazon, said in a statement.

The store will feature both Amazon’s private-label groceries and those from other brands, as well as meals prepared in the on-site kitchen.

The store will open June 17 at the marketplace at Factoria Square Mall in Bellevue, Washington. It’ll also have Amazon package pickup and returns, Alexa kiosks, and the Amazon One payment system, as well as traditional checkout registers if you want to pay for your groceries in the usual way.

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