YouTuber Recovers Stolen Bike Using Apple’s AirTags [VIDEO]

Using its Find My network, Apple’s AirTags can successfully locate missing or stolen items — even if it is something as large as a bike.

Jonathon Laing from the YouTube channel MegaLag explains how he left his bike outside so that it could be stolen to try and find it using an AirTag.

Thanks to Apple’s Find My network, as long as the battery of the AirTag is intact, it will continue to work and help users locate your missing or stolen item. However, it can become difficult to locate an item if the AirTag is taken inside a building, but luckily, the stolen bike was present outside when it was first spotted.

YouTube video

Another useful feature of the AirTag is the Precision Finding feature, but it only works with iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 as they both feature the ultra wideband chip.

Unfortunately, while Precision Finding makes it much simpler for you to locate your missing items, it has a limited range, after which your AirTag will start getting displayed on the map of the Find My app.

Ultimately, the stolen bike was successfully recovered, so if you happen to own an iPhone and have a propensity of misplacing your important items, an AirTag is probably a pretty good investment.