Microsoft Shares What’s New for Developers in Windows 11

At its What’s next for Windows developer event today, Microsoft has shared how Windows 11 will enable all developers to build the apps and experiences that empower users to create, learn, and play. 

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“Everyone has open access to run the widest range of apps on Windows,” notes Microsoft. The company focused on five key areas of improvement for Windows 11, including the new Microsoft Store, improvements in end-to-end web development, new features for native Windows apps, WinUI, and what’s new for game developers.

Microsoft says it has redesigned the Store to keep customers in their flow and make it easier to search for and discover curated stories and collections. With new features like the “pop-up” Store your users can install apps directly from the browser.

Developers can now also easily create and manage their app’s windows using Reunion Windowing.

It works with your existing app code, simplifies common operations, and brings new functionality to your desktop apps.

To simplify game development for PCs, we are making our Game Development Kit (GDK) publicly available, free of charge on GitHub. The GDK contains the common tools, libraries, and documentation needed to build games for the PC.

Microsoft has also annnounce that great game play technology, previously only available on console, is now available on Windows 11 including DirectStorage. You can learn more at