eero Secure+ Adds Dynamic DNS for Improved Remote Device Access

eero Secure+ has added a Dynamic DNS feature to its product, allowing users more remote access to their network devices.

A new blog post explains that the feature, which functions through dynamically changing users’ IP addresses, allows for more remote control over one’s remote device network.

“eero DDNS gives you the ability to make any dynamic IP address behave as if it’s static and unchanging when in reality, it is not,” explains the company. “With the new DDNS feature in eero Secure+, users can generate a unique hostname for network devices that are simple to recognize, use, and recall.”

“Most routers integrate DDNS functionality via a third-party application,” it continues. “With eero Secure+, DDNS is built into eero’s portfolio, allowing you to manage DDNS from the eero mobile app.”

While simple cloud-based smart home systems might be perfect for some, others require more complex setups, such as homes with self-hosted security systems. However, accessing these kinds of complex systems can be challenging.

eero DDNS solves this issue by making users’ dynamic IP addresses behave as though they’re static and providing users with a URL making connecting easier. According to eero, “it ensures that all of your devices on your home network remain remotely accessible by automatically monitoring changes to your IP address and updating the connection when necessary, allowing you to seamlessly connect to your home security and other automation devices from anywhere.”

eero DDNS also allows gamers to host private game servers, letting one create a unique domain to host, monitor, and update gaming connections with their gaming buddies.

Lastly, eero DDNS allows users to access their favourite content on the go by easily creating a stable hostname for one’s home IP address, making content just a couple of clicks away.

DDNS is available with an eero Secure+ subscription of $9.99 USD per month or $99 USD per year.

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