Microsoft Users Can Now Remove Passwords From Their Accounts

Hoping its users would embrace a passwordless future, Microsoft has just rolled out the ability to remove passwords from Microsoft accounts, allowing users to instead sign in using the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, or an SMS / email verification code (via The Verge).


“When I think of security, I think you’ve got to protect your whole life,” said Microsoft VP Vasu Jakkal in a recent interview. “It’s no longer enough just to think about work or home and anything in between,” he added.

Jakkal explained how Microsoft has been working toward a passwordless future for years. “When you have digital transformation and businesses having to go remote overnight … the number of digital surfaces has increased exponentially,” he said.

“The number of attack surfaces has increased exponentially, so that was a big driving factor for us in accelerating a lot of our security initiatives.”

“We have been rolling this out at Microsoft and nearly 100 percent of Microsoft is now passwordless,” says Jakkal. More than 200 million people are already using passwordless options, and Jakkal is optimistic about the adoption among consumers.

To remove your Microsoft account password, you need to have the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app installed and linked to your Microsoft Account. Once done, simply visit to go password-less.