Clubhouse to Soon Enable Users to Pin Links to the Top of Rooms

Clubhouse has confirmed that it will soon enable users to pin outbound links to the top of rooms. The feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android platforms on Oct. 27.

During The Verge’s ‘On The Verge’ event, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison and global head of marketing Maya Watson confirmed that the platform would soon be adding the ability to pin links to the top of rooms. The links in question could be used to direct an audience to navigate to a website, a specific news article, or a creator’s Patreon page.

The ‘Pinned Links’ feature is being positioned as a way to incentivize creators to share their work. Whether its a journalist sharing a news piece they’ve written, or a podcaster sharing their feed, Clubhouse hopes the feature will help creators attract their audience directly to their work. It was confirmed to The Verge that certain links won’t be allowed. Outbound links to adult websites will not be allowed.

Additionally, Clubhouse expects moderators of rooms to use the feature to run polls, play games, and watch YouTube videos. Anyone in a mod role can add, remove, and change links within a room.

Clubhouse has stated that it will not be taking any revenue from transactions made after following a link. However, a form of monetization directly through Clubhouse appears to be on its way. In the coming months, it appears as though users may be able to monetize through subscriptions and tickets to attend rooms.