Jony Ive Creates LoveFrom Designs Award for Sustainability Efforts

Source: Wallpaper

Former Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive has gone on to found the digital firm LoveDesigns. Now, Ive and the firm have revealed the ‘Terra Carta Seal,’ an award seal that recognizes companies that create and utilize sustainability efforts within the market.

As reported by Wallpaper, LoveDesigns’ Terra Carta Seal was designed by the firm in partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative. This initiative is led by the UK’s Prince Charles. Terra Carta is a body that helps businesses build sustainable futures, all powered by Nature. The Terra Carta Seal is meant to recognize companies that reflect the values of this initiative.

Ive hopes that by recognizing such companies, LoveDesigns can help reunite “people and planet, by giving fundamental rights and value to Nature.”

“We spent all this time creating a typeface that we would use for our identity: we didn’t want a logo, we wanted something far more modest, more similar to a dialogue,” says Ive of creating the LoveFrom Serif, inspired by John Baskerville’s letterforms and based on studies of his original punches and matrices. “We thought we would use this typeface for our friends; we couldn’t think of a better way to take advantage of a few years of work around the Terra Carta, and I think it works really quite well. You can see the typography is clearly central to the seal, but I was seduced by the gentle, slightly anarchic dominance of the natural references.”

The Terra Carta seal features acorns, leaves, magnolia flowers, phlox, butterflies, bees, and birds. The font used on the seal is a custom LoveFrom Serif that was made exclusively for LoveFrom projects. Ive noted that the font was made for friends of the firm but chose to use it for the Terra Carta Seal.

In addition to the news of the seal and its design, Ive stated that he is designing at LoveFrom in the way he previously designed at Apple.

“For decades at Apple, one of my preoccupations has been this idea that if we have discipline in our thinking practice we hold ourselves accountable with our thinking, and the result is that we can be light with our implementation. This really has become such a central part to the way that we see problems and the way that we practice.”

The Terra Carta Seal has been awarded to L’Oreal, Siemens Energy, and AstraZeneca for their commitments to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celcius by 2050. Moving forward, the Terra Carta Seal will be awarded to companies on an annual basis.