Spotify Removes Shuffle Button From Album Pages as Requested by Adele

Spotify has decided to remove the shuffle button from each album page to allow tracks to be played in the intended order. This was requested by artist Adele upon the release of her new album ’30’.

As first reported by BBC, Adele tweeted and revealed that she requested this change be made to Spotify. “This was the only request I had in our ever changing industry,” Adele said. The change will now see albums be played in the track order dictated by the artist on the album. Adele’s album 30 released on Friday and was the first new album from the artist in six years.

Following the changes, when a user hits the ‘Play’ button, the song will play in the intended order. There is a caveat, however. The changes will only be in effect for those with a Premium subscription. Additionally, a shuffle function does still exist. Users can toggle on the ‘Shuffle’ function through an individual track in the ‘Now Playing’ view.

Spotify has been steadily improving its platform by integrating new features into its user experience. Recently, the company launched lyrics as a native feature on the app. Users can now follow along with their favourite songs, reading (or singing) along.