Spotify Testing Vertical Video Feed in App Similar to TikTok

According to a report by TechCrunch, Spotify is testing a TikTok-like short-form vertical video feed in its app. Called ‘Discover,’ the feature presents a vertical feed of music videos that users can scroll through and like or skip. 


Spotify users who have access to the feature can see a fourth tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app in between Home and Search. Chris Messina, who spotted Discover first and tweeted out a video of it in action, said the feature was found in Spotify’s TestFlight build.

From the video Messina shared, it appears that the videos playing in the vertical feed are the artists’ existing Canvas videos, a Spotify feature that allows artists to create videos that accompany their music on the Spotify app.

“A new icon in the navigation toolbar brings you immediately to the video feed when tapped. You can then swipe up and down to move through the feed, much like you would on TikTok. In addition to tapping the heart to like songs, you also can tap the three-dot menu to bring up the standard song information sheet.”

Spotify has not yet shared further information on the feature, including whether it has plans to roll this out broadly, or whether it will be available on both iOS and Android.