LG Display to Show Collection of Transparent OLED Screens at CES 2022

LG Display

CES 2022 is right around the corner and LG Display is set to show off a collection of transparent OLED screens the company hopes consumers will begin to adopt for their own homes, offices, and more.

As reported by TechRadar, LG Display has been working on some slightly off-the-cuff transparent OLED models. One of which is an innovative display dubbed the OLED Shelf and is exactly what it sounds like. This display doubled as a bookshelf and features a hanging transparent display.

LG Display was able to accomplish this feature thanks to the dynamic nature of OLED displays. As the technology is thin and versatile, LG Display was able to create a transparent display as OLED does not require backlighting. Therefore, the OLED Shelf is composed of two 55-inch 40%-transparent OLED panels fixed to a wall shelf. The two panels are serially connected and hang to reach a base shelf at the bottom. The top screen is used as a typical TV display. The bottom screen, however, is used to display weather, news, and other useful updates to viewers.

LG Display has also been premiering the first look of the Show Window model. This is more focused on business applications. The Show Window features four 55-inch transparent OLED displays and is able to show off products and text. A theoretical real-world application would be a retail spot using the display to a newly released product, adding some exciting text and changing it the following week, ridding the use of window decals.

Finally, the Smart Window display was also shown off. This finally display was said to be focused on in-office use. They could be used during business calls and presentations.

It’s worth noting that LG Display has shown off tons of innovative new display technologies in the past. However, as proof of concept, transparent OLED screens may never break into our day-to-day lives any time soon.

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