Fido ‘Winback’ Offer 2022: $45/25GB Plan with 1,000 International Minutes

Last fall, Fido was offering a special $45 plan with 25GB of data, part of a ‘winback’ deal it offers to former customers, to lure them back to the company.

For 2022, it appears Fido is again still offering this plan to former customers.

According to RFD, user ‘DealHunterRFD’ said they received a call from the Fido ‘winback’ team today, offering them this $45/25GB plan, which includes 1,000 international long distance minutes. The user was with Telus before they jumped back to Fido with this special plan, which also apparently offers you the ability to get a new phone with it as well.

In a separate RFD thread, other users detailed Fido offering a $35/12GB ‘winback’ plan, plus a $200 device credit.

Again, if you recently switched away from Fido, it may be worth calling the company to see if you can get a special plan, if you’re willing to crawl back to the company.