New Microsoft Edge Test Enables Users to Follow YouTube Creators

Microsoft appears to be testing a new feature for its Edge browser. It’s been discovered that YouTube has been integrated into the latest Canary developer builds of the browser, enabling users to follow content creators.

As reported by The Verge, Reddit user Leopeva64 first noticed that their build of Edge featured a YouTube follow button. Thanks to a new ‘followable web’ feature, this feature will supposedly be available in the address bar when navigating YouTube. Taking advantage of it, users can easily follow creators and add them to the Collections feed within Edge.

Source: Reddit via Leopeva64

This new feature is effectively an RSS feed deeply integrated into the Edge browser. Microsoft has been building towards a larger RSS feed integration with major support for its followable web feature. The Collections menu will effectively allow users to follow websites that feature an RSS feed to gain a curated list of updates when available.

Currently, both the YouTube feature and Microsoft’s RSS feed within Edge are both being tested with select users. The Canary tests will continue to roll out to an undisclosed number of them over time. There is no word on when the YouTube follow feature may be available to a wider audience. However, given that it is a prime example of the RSS feed work Microsoft intends to make available, more users should be able to utilize it when Edge’s RSS feed integration goes live.